история за опасността от историите

13.01.2012 § Вашият коментар

Бележка: извинявам се че цитатите са на английски в момента нямам време да ги преведа, не се знае дали ще го направя.

След като гледахте видеото искам да ви кажа, че темата ме занимава отдавна. Започна с този цитат.

School! We sat in English class and we dissected the storiesthat I’d escaped into, laid open their abdomens and taggedtheir organs, covered their genitals with polite sterile drapes,recorded dutiful notes en masse that told us what thestory was about, but never what the story was. Stories arepropaganda, virii that slide past your critical immune system andinsert themselves directly into your emotions. Kill them and cutthem open and they’re as naked as a nightclub indaylight.

„Eastern Standard Tribe“ – Cory Doctorow

Чрез блога на Diane Coyle разбрах за:

Louis Menand’s 2001 The Metaphysical Club,an intellectual history of a quartet of philosophers whose influencehelped the United States emerge from the trauma of the Civil War andgrow into the successful society, economy, world power it became in the20th century.

“The belief that ideas should never become ideologies – eitherjustifying the status quo, or dictating some transcendent imperativefor renouncing it – was the essence of what they taught. … They taughta kind of skepticism that helped people cope with life in aheterogeneous, industrialized, mass market society. … This skepticismis also one of the qualities that make societies like that work. It iswhat permits the continual state of upheaval that capitalism thriveson. Holmes, James, Peirce and Dewey helped to free thought fromthralldom to official ideologies, of the church, the state, or even theacademy. There is also, though, implicit on what they wrote, arecognition of the limits of what thought can do in the struggle toincrease human happiness.”

Всичко това има връзка с историите. Макар да станаха много цитатите се изкушававам и включвам още един The Frontiers of Art and Propaganda.


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