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13.03.2011 § 2 Коментари

Този тип тестове (психологическите по принцип) действат като ви сравняват с резултатите на други хора. Не знам дали всички тестове в този запис са такива, но някои са.

Резултатите от тестовете не ни определят кои сме и какви сме за целия ни живот. В най-добрия случай (може да не сте отговорили точно) те дават моментна преценка. Всички ние се променяме постоянно по малко и това е в природата ни. Имайте това на ум когато четете резултатите.

Подбрани списъци със психологически тестове

  • The Stroop Test. A fun test that measures how fast and flexible a thinker you are by using color-coded words.
  • The Worst Sounds. Grab your headset and take this online sound test to find out which sounds bother you the most. You’ll hear snoring, crying babies and nails on the chalkboard.
  • Personality Test. Check out the “I Just Get Myself” personality test. It comprises just 40 easy questions but delivers a surprisingly insightful (at least I thought so) assessment of your personality traits.
  • Memory Test. After a series of numbers appears on the screen, click on a keypad to test your memory.
  • Reaction to Faces. This test allows you to rate your preference for different facial characteristics. Another test, PerceptionLab, measures your reaction to different faces. 
  • Personal Biases. Test your implicit biases about race and other issues.

ИЗТОЧНИК: Best Online Psychology Tests – NYTimes

  • Personal DNA This is a new kind of personality test developed by professional psychologists. Unlike the other personality tests in terms of innovative answering techniques. It quite successfully and accurately measures the multi-dimensionality of character.
  • Youniverse – Your Visual DNA  is more than a personality test. It is a doorway to online network with an ambitious concept, based on harnessing the power of your innate personality and applying it to your social networking activities and online shopping.Whether or not you join the Youniverse community, the test itself is worth taking.
  • Myers-Briggs Typology Tests – Based on the sixteen Myers-Briggs types are among the most popular, since the system measures surface traits and the system was designed to accommodate a test. It is recommended you take several of them, over a period of time, for the best accuracy. Here is a selection of the most popular ones: Keirsey Temperament Sorter, Humanmetrics, 41 Questions 
  • iPersonic Typology  Award-winning personality test developed by Felicitas Heyne, a well-known psychologist and book-author. It takes only 5 minutes to complete and gives you an overview of your personality, career and relationships.
  • Draw A Pig  Just as the name says, here you can draw a pig and find out what your drawing says about you and your personality. Very fun and impressively accurate
  • The Color Quiz this test is based upon fundamentals in color psychology, and is in part derived from the work of Dr. Max Lûscher, who has devoted his life to the study of how color affects behavior.
  • Musical Visual Intelligence AMVI (Associative Musical Visual Intelligence) is a logic test that attempts to measure one’s ability to correlate musical phrases with abstract shapes and symbols. Created by Jake Mandell, MD, music and neuro-imaging researcher, the test is purposefully made very hard, so even trained musicians rarely score above 90% correct. However, no musical training is required to take the test.
  • Spiritual Belief System Selector Quiz More simply put, this quiz could be titled “Which religion are you?” A highly enjoyable and insightful, this quiz will reveal what your personal spiritual inclinations are.
  • The Animal in You Based on the books The Animal in You and Animal Attraction by Roy Feinson, the test is designed to help you determine your animal personality. There are almost fifty species in the database – each chosen to represent a common personality type. A fun test that takes only a few minutes to complete.
  • Colorgenics Test Created by The Paul Goldin Clinic, the Colorgenics test uses color to give highly accurate results. The GoldinUniverse website itself is full of interesting content.

ИЗТОЧНИК: Top 10 Personality Tests on the Web

    • Psychology Tests on the Web – тестове за практически психологични умения. Част е от изследване.
    • Personality Tests голям списък с тестове за личността. Най-големия, който съм срещал. Малко са твърде академични.

    Тестове за начините по които учим


    § 2 Responses to in links we trust: psychology, personality and learning tests

    • Много добре подбрани тестове. Особено полезни са за хората, които наистина разбират какво точно получават като резултат и как да го приложат.

    • Георги каза:

      Благодаря! Искаше ми се да прибавя още и ще ги обновявам, когато срещна качествени тестове.

      Добра забележка за резултатите!

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