Global Ilicit Economy Rules

18.10.2009 § Вашият коментар

According to Nils Gilman the rules are:

  1. Perfectly Legitimate source of demand can produce perfectly deviant forms of supply.
  2. Uneven global regulatory infrastructures create arbitrage opportunities for deviant entrepreneurs.
  3. Pathways for legitimate globalisation are always pathways to deviant globalisation. 
  4. Once a deviant industry professionalizes crackdowns merely promote innovation.
  5. States themselves undermine the distinction between legitimate and deviant economies.
  6. Unchecked, deviant entrepreneurs will take over the legitimate economy.
  7. Deviant globalisation presents an existential challenge to state legitimacy. 

Nils Gilman explains the rules in the video below.

In an interview Nils Gilman says: „This is a global trend, but one affects different regions in different ways. Countries prone to deviant globalization tend to share certain family resemblances: a weak or fragmented central state; long, poorly guarded borders; and a large supply of or demand for goods with dubious moral properties—drugs, antiquities, valuable minerals, exotic wildlife, human organs, sex, oil, highly enriched uranium, and so on. The traditional world leaders in deviant globalization have been probably Russia, Nigeria, Brazil, China and the United States—though today the most deviantly globalized place on earth may be Iraq. But it would be a mistake to think of the geography of deviant globalization primarily in terms of states, for deviant globalization has a complex microgeography that largely ignores state boundaries: it traverses the archipelago of slums that runs from the inner cities of the United States, to the favelas of Rio de Janiero, to the banlieus of France, to the almost continuous urban slum that girds the Gulf of Guinea from Abidjan to Lagos; it extends across the cocaine supply chain that links the mountains of Colombia, to the slums of São Paolo, to the waterways of West Africa, to the noses of tourists in the Netherlands; it traverses the mountains of toxic garbage that move from the dustbins of rich countries to the landfills of poor ones; and on and on. You will find manifestations of it in every city and in every household that has any connection to the global economy. It is inseparable from the global economy.“


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